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helix sleep reviews amazon

Helix Sleep provides hybrid bed mattress made with dual-layer covers, polyfoam convenience systems, and pocketed coil assistance cores enhanced with polyfoam base layers. helix sleep reviews amazon 

Helix Sleep offers complete bed mattress modification. Clients are asked to fill out a questionnaire that discusses their height, weight, firmness preferences, sleep position, and other factors. Based on these outcomes, Helix Sleep will recommend one of the following six bed mattress designs; each private model offers a distinct combination of firmness and assistance:

Helix Sunset: ‘Soft’ firmness, targeted cushioning, and balanced assistance
Helix Moonlight: ‘Soft’ firmness, moderate cushioning, and extra support
Helix Midnight: ‘Medium’ firmness, targeted cushioning, and balanced assistance
Helix Dusk: ‘Medium’ firmness, moderate cushioning, and extra assistance
Helix Golden: ‘Firm’ firmness, targeted cushioning, and well balanced assistance
Helix Dawn: ‘Company’ firmness, moderate cushioning, and additional support
Helix Sleep hybrids with targeted cushioning conform closely, making them ideal for side sleepers, while those with moderate assistance do not adhere as much and appropriate for all sleep positions. Lighter individuals may feel most comfortable on models with balanced assistance, while those who weigh 130 pounds or more tend to choose the models with additional support. helix mattress vs purple

Helix Sleep also uses 2 bed mattress with dual-firmness, the Helix Double Well balanced (with targeted cushioning and well balanced support) and the Helix Dual Additional (with moderate cushioning and additional support). Both of these designs have one ‘Soft’ side and one ‘Company’ side, making them suitable for couples with differing preferences. Finally, the Helix Nightfall is a hybrid designed for larger, much heavier individuals. This bed mattress has an additional layer of memory foam for maximum assistance.

helix sleep reviews amazon

Our evaluation of Helix Sleep mattresses discovered that the customizable choice accommodates sleepers with a large range of body types and firmness choices. The mattresses likewise use strong edge assistance, isolate motion transfer well, and produce less sound than the typical hybrid.

As you can see, bed mattress from Helix Sleep are suitable for the majority of sleepers no matter their body type or sleep position thanks to the customizable style. Completing the Helix Sleep questionnaire properly is key to discovering the very best bed mattress for you and your partner. However, one noteworthy drawback is a lack of profile choices; with the exception of the 12 ″ Helix Nightfall, all Helix Sleep mattresses are 10 ″ thick. This might be limiting for sleepers whose profile choices are less or greater than 10 ″.

Our screening process discovered Helix Sleep bed mattress should likewise be terrific for you if …
You’re looking for an economical hybrid bed mattress.
Your body type falls outside the typical weight group (130 to 230 pounds).
You experience discomfort and pressure points in your neck, shoulders, lower back, and other delicate areas on a regular basis.
You and your sleep partner have differing firmness preferences, in which case a dual-firmness model may be the best option.

Availability: Helix Sleep bed mattress are available on the Helix Sleep website. The company also uses an appointment-only display room in New York City. Helix Sleep bed mattress are not readily available through any merchants or third-party distributors, including

How Does Helix Sleep Compare to Other Beds?
As any customer makes with an item they’re thinking about, our mattress evaluations naturally involve comparing them with other similar products. Be it composition, firmness, or cost, we believe it is very important to see how Helix Sleep mattresses stack up to other beds.

The firmness of a Helix Sleep bed mattress depends on the picked model. All Helix Sleep mattresses have a 10 ″ profile with the exception of the Helix Nightfall, which is 12 ″ thick.

Helix Sleep hybrids have actually below-average price-points compared to other bed mattress with foam convenience layers and taken coil assistance cores, but client satisfaction is on par with many comparable models