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Aside from the controversy surrounding Purples concealed white powder, their foam mattress is comprised of 2 layers of polyurethane foam, a waffle polymer, and a lots of your loan invested in gimmicky advertisements. All-foam bed mattress are made for the masses and don’t use the customized assistance that individual coils do, leading to insufficient foam distribution and more partner disturbances.

In comparison, our mattress is an advanced hybrid of graphite-infused memory foam and separately encased 4″ coils. Our 4″ coils react individually to your movements through the night, providing superior support throughout your whole body. Since each coil is separately encased, our mattress gently responds to any change of sleeping position, seamlessly adapting to the contours of your body no matter your age, weight or height. Our separated motion technology also makes sure partner disturbances are reduced. Or you can choose to pay an additional $600 to upgrade to their recent hybrid style. We refined our hybrid design years prior to them, even when they were pleading to everybody that their all-foam style couldn’t be topped. Why did they feel the need to check out a new hybrid then? Because ours is much better!


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Side Sleeper On A Hybrid Bed mattress
Single vs Multi Firmness Alternatives
couple on amore bed mattress
Searching for a bed mattress that fits your sleeping choices ideal? Sadly, with the larger brand names such as Purple, you’re out of luck. Purple has focused their efforts on a non-personalized mattress, trying to balance everybody’s needs into one firmness. Due to the fact that sleeping preferences are so personal, this simply doesn’t work.

At Amore Beds, our vision when creating a mattress was to provide as lots of people as possible the best sleep of their lives. We weren’t thinking about taking any shortcuts, which is why we established our bed mattress with 3 firmness choices; soft, medium and firm. By having 3 firmness choices, we have the ability to successfully cater for all sleepers, even more personalizing your sleeping experience.

To take things a step further, we’ve even established a special duel firmness mattress. Our duel firmness bed mattress is perfect for couples who sleep differently and desire their bed mattress tailored to them. Hard/ soft? Medium/ hard? Medium/ soft? The choice is yours. To find out exactly what firmness would fit your requirements best, take our useful test, offered here.

Purple Mattress Promo


Performance Fabric Options:
At Amore, our company believe the mattress you sleep on is only as good as the fabrics on top. That’s why we opt for the very best. Our bed mattress is topped with a natural wool layer, sourced directly from New Zealand. This sits nicely under our hypoallergenic organic cotton material. For those of you who are looking for a more healing sleep, we likewise use a restorative, copper-ion infused bamboo fabric. Naturally anti-bacterial, copper is understood to improve the look of skin and helps with your body’s natural recovery procedures.

Purple? They use one of those “sock” covers that slides over questionable fire-socks that are known for allergic reactions, odors, and skin irritants. Why would you cover CertiPUR-US materials with a chemical firesock? We don’t; that sotra defeats the purpose of the certification, don’t ya believe?